One of my favorite early photos

Fantastic Documentary on James Randi-14'


Ghost Cat


Collector of Books on the History of Magic and Practice of the Art....



This is Magic Catalog that started it all...Downtown Dallas Magicland  76'

BELOW in Photo. Still to this day my favorite trick


Fantastic Illusion

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I saw this Live at the Theatre in Dallas... Amazing

One the Greatest Illusions I have ever seen Live....


Age.... 8 yrs old


Mental Entertainment

Remote Viewing

2019' BKN

Mentalism * Mindreading * Clairvoyance * Predictions * ESP * Precognition * Telepathy * Psychokinesis * Penetration * Restorations * Levitations * Vanishes * Productions * Transformation

The Shadow.... Ouija Cat 

Close-Up Magic:  Prestidigitation, Conjuring & Legerdemain (sleight-of-hand)

Psychological Magic:  Demonstrations, Tests and Experiments (Magic of the Mind)  


12 yrs old-  one of my favorite tricks. "My Favorite Rope Trick" "Professors Nightmare-

  Including these in Highland Park TX


One of the Scariest Scenes in Horror-

Exorcist III ---watch now



Howard Thurston

The Great Brandini...

Close up Magic - Thought Reading

A passion of mine since I was 8 years old.

Paranormal Section Coming Soon...!

Howard Thurston-   In my home

Beautiful framed lithograph - Bday Gift from my Family.

Prestidigitation, Legerdemain

Conjuring, Artifice..... 

Performer, Demonstrator, Teacher, Collector of Antique, Rare and Vintage Books on Magic, Magical Apparatus, Posters & Antiques Pieces.....  Studies in the Art of Magic & Illusion.

My Aunt Rene coined the phrase " The Great Brandini" in the very early days - Rene Pederson  - She set up many magics shows for me....  

Methodologies, Procedures and Techniques to Create an Effect....

Love this trick and always my favorite- Hippity-Hop Rabbits

Thought Reading... ESP, Telepathy, Predictions. Clairvoyance, Telekinesis, Precognition.

Demonstrations, Tests and Experiments

to Produce  a Magical Experience



I find very Interesting and  Fascinating below.....

Parapsychology, Psychic Phenomena, The Paranormal, Ghosts, Spirits, Entities, Poltergeists, UFO's, Horror, The Supernatural.....

8 Years Old



1999 - 2016

The Magician always does two things at once.  Performs an effect for the audience and operate a trick for himself.  He is telling one story and thinking another.                                                                                -Harry Blackstone, 1929


Ropes when I was 8....and NOW- 


"The greatest tricks ever performed are not done at all.  The audience simply thinks they see them.  But the art is to make them think so."      

John Northern Hillard                                   

Sophie... The Bat Creature

Amazing to see this Live at the Theatre - Dallas

George Kane
VP of Sales and Marketing at N2 Consulting, LLC

I hired Brandon several times as a magician to work our booth at various trade shows. He does a tremendous job at driving traffic to your booth. Brandon is great at taking your brand/messaging and incorporating it into his act. This encourages prospects to stay after the show and have a conversation about my business. Brandon has helped tremendously in making all our trade shows a huge success. I highly recommend him. January 19, 2016, George was Brandon's client

1959 Album - Dave Brubeck

One of the Greatest Jazz Pieces

Great Compilation

My Dad would bring home to me some of these wonderful magic tricks- My Favorite Rope Trick

I treasure all these old memories and photos of my love of magic....

Fantastic Book... and Magician.. The Last Greatest Magician in the World

Welcome To My Magic Room...Artifice : Mysteries, Miracles and Secrets


“To be accused of being a real wizard, when I’m not, is a slander I will not tamely submit to.  But I am one of the greatest humbug wizards that ever lived….”     O.Z. Diggs, in Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum


Brandon's fascination with magic began when he was 8 years old. He had a fondness for the skill and craftsmanship of the late Doug Henning. After seeing Henning perform, he was hooked. Soon thereafter, he received his first magic kit and began to explore all the possibilities with his new hobby. While other kids were rough-housing about in yard, Brandon was bewildering family pets with the tricks of his new trade. His younger brother, Scott, along with parents Mike and Karen, were his earliest audience. Backyard shows were the norm for our grommet-magician. Initially, it was the magic kit and household objects that comprised Brandon's magic paraphernalia. As a new reader, he forewent the regular library books of an elementary student and focused on magic books with illustration. In time, he began reading books on the art of magic, as well as lecture notes of prominent magicians. All the while, he was developing his skills at sleight of hand and coercing his mother to take him to magic shops to view the latest and greatest tradecraft. Soon, he was giving shows to the whole neighborhood, not to mention birthday parties, and elementary school shows. Brandon  Newsom ceased from being just Brandon Newsom , when, at the age of 10, his aunt christened him "The Great Brandini".

The Unexplainable

Ingrid Pitt- 70's Hammer Studios-

"A conjurer is not a juggler: he is an actor playing the part of a magician an artist whose fingers have more need to move with deftness than with speed."
Robert-Houdin-Father of Modern Magic

Painted by Brandon -18'

"Magic is the theatrical art of creating the illusion of impossibility in an entertaining way."

- Charles Reynolds

Amazing Piece of Music..... Incredible....