Terrifier 2016- one of the creepiest characters/movie Ive seen in a very long time- Low Budget  Grindhouse-  These are much better than most Hollywood nonsense-  The last Halloween 2018 I thought was horrible and the new remake of Pet Semetary- horrible. I could go on and on... Why I like the lesser known Horror films..

Racoon Valley- 2018- A great Atmospheric Horror.  Very Good -Low Budget

Here are a few Horrors that

are good from recent -

Hell House LLC 15

Hell House LLC 18'

The Heretics 17'

The Golem 18'

St. Agatha 18'

A few Found Footage and Point of View Horrors... more to come-

REC 1 2007

CREEP 2014

VHS 2013

Hell House 2015

Quarntine 2008

Night Shot 2016

Borderlands 2013

The Monster Project 2017

Terrifier.. So Damn good and Creepy....

Brandon's TOP 10 HORROR FILMS...  Hands down no matter what....

1. The Exorcist 1973    -Greatest Horror Film of all time...

2. The Changeling 1980

3. The Exorcist III 1990

4. The Omen 1976

5. Rosemary's Baby 1968

6. The Amityville Horror 1979

7. Halloween 1978

8. The Fog 1979

9. Suspiria 1977

10. Horror of Dracula 1958 

The night Stalker 1974-75  TV Series... LOVE This DVD..... Darren McGavin.  " Kolchak"------- had to put this in here.... had such an influence on me. 


The VOID 2016- So good!

Shadow- The Ouija Cat

Indie Films-  or lesser known horror recently

The Autopsy of Jane Doe 2016
Stake land
Dark was the Night
Town that dreaded sundown
We are still here
Wake Wood
Good Night Mommy
The Wave
Beast of xmoor

Let Us Prey
Crimson Peak
Come back to me
The Hallow
Lost after Dark
The Pyramid
Final Prayer
From The Dark
Last Shift
The Blood Lands

The House That Dripped Blood 71'- Excellent Film

Art Creation Painted


Brandon K Newsom


My favorite type of Horror is not the Slashers... but the Atmospheric and Supernatural.  I really like anything Ghost related or with a Haunted House or structure.  Abandoned Buildings or Hospitals... Cemetaries

The Found Footage or Point of View films are also my favorite. REC 2007 - so good 

Max Schreck- 1922: Nosferatu

Terrified 2018 : One of the scariest and creepiest horror movies I have seen in a longggggg time.  Wow.  must see-

Below is my TOP 10 Horror Films within the last 16+ years.....

1. 30 days of night  -2007

2. 28  days later - 2003

3. 28 weeks later- 2007

4.  The Collector 2009

5  The Collection 2012

6.  The Descent 2006

7.  Dead Silence 2007

8.  Insidious 2011

9.  The Pact 2012

10. The Conjuring 2013

Added Bonus :  You're Next  2011

This site is dedicted to real horror and not hollywood - rotten tomatoes reviews nonsense. If I suggest it or recommend ..then IT'S GOOD !  done deal.  

My Good Friend and Horror Fanatic

MaMa Lisa's Corner of Horror-

Lisa's Top Horror Films!

I love Murder/Crime Detective Stories.  Mystery who done it types....

I thought about the different types of Horror Categories - Here are a few that came to mind.  Wow.. so many types!

Slashers, Psychological, Paranormal, Haunted Houses, Aliens, Ghosts, Satanic, Zombies, Vampires, Big Foot/Sasquatch, Monsters, Cults, Serial Killers, Found Footage-Point of View, Supernatural and so many more.

The Blackwell Ghost 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 are excellent horror found footage-point of view documentaries.  Very Good- Trust Me

Low Budget Indie Films are of the best Horrors- 

My favorite ....GIALLO HORROR FILMS (Italian)

Suspiria  1977'  A must See-  My favorite


Mother of All Tears

Deep Red



The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

The Beyond

City of the Living Dead

The House by the Cemetary

The Church

Don’t torture a duckling


These Below need to be recognized and I have seen so many times and are also my favorite on my alternative list:
Other Great... Horror-Thrillers-Mysteries

Night of the Living Dead 1968

The Legend Of Hell House 1973

The Haunting 1963

The Uninvited 1944

The Sentinel 1977

Let's Scare Jessica to Death 1971

Burnt Offerings 1976

Legacy 1978

The Entity 1982

Salems Lot 1979

When a Stranger Calls 1979

Phantasm 1979

Hellraiser 1987

The EVIL 1977 Roger Corman

 Jennifer 8

The House of the Devil

Piranha 1978 - Roger Corman

The Mothman Prophecies 

The Fly 1958
The Howling
Friday the 13th
Subspecies 91'

Honorable Mention.......  Dracula 1931..... Frankenstein 1931 ..... The Wolfman 1941 .... Bride of Frankenstein 1935.

http://www.hammerfilms.com/   Best Horror Films Ever Made...... Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.  Love these guys and own most of the British Horror Films from the 50's to mid 70's....

& TV- Streaming Series- 

When A Stranger Calls 93' excellent!

Invasion of The Body Snatchers 78' so good

Hatchet 06' Gory!

Alien 79'- Glorious!

The Fly 86' Classic

More to come..........

Also my Favorite Found Footage-Point of View movies coming soon.... 

BigFoot - Sasquatch Docs- stay tuned

My Sophie.... The Bat Creature-

Horror Hotel- 1960

1975- Classic- One of my favorites- Race with the Devil- Peter Fonda- So good

Ingrid Pitt


SO DAMN GOOD! the blackwell ghost 4

The Skull 1965' 

Alien Documentaries- stay tuned 

My Top Slasher Movies Coming Soon...

Documentaries are also my favorites on BigFoot and Aliens and GHOSTS ... more to come

Brandon’s Horror Alternatives:

Some of my Favorites

70's -80’s…

Tourist Trap

The House on Soroity Row

The Pyx

The Incubus

The Unseen


Happy Birthday to me



The Boogens

The Prowler

Alice Sweet Alice

Hell Night

Maniac Cop

Stage Fright


Race with the Devil 75

The Devils Rain 75

The Brotherhood of Satan