About Brandon and His Magical Effects

Sleight of Hand and Sleight of Mind 

Brandon Kirk (Brandon Newsom-Brandini-Brandon Kirk Newsom) is not an alien. He did not emerge from a crop circle, land in an intergalactic spaceship, spawn from an egg in New Mexico, or from liberal hippies in the 1960's. Brandon is the product of a football coach/Xerox executive and school teacher. He is everyone's All-American…depending on your personal definition…that happens to possess magical powers and an ability to command a room's attention.

  Brandon's fascination with magic began when he was 8 years old. He had a fondness for the skill and craftsmanship of the late Doug Henning. After seeing Henning perform, he was hooked. Soon thereafter, he received his first magic kit and began to explore all the possibilities with his new hobby. While other kids were rough-housing about in yard, Brandon was bewildering family pets with the tricks of his new trade. His younger brother, Scott, along with parents Mike and Karen, were his earliest audience. Backyard shows were the norm for our grommet-magician. Initially, it was the magic kit and household objects that comprised Brandon's magic paraphernalia. As a new reader, he forewent the regular library books of an elementary student and focused on magic books with illustration. In time, he began reading books on the art of magic, as well as lecture notes of prominent magicians. All the while, he was developing his skills at sleight of hand and coercing his mother to take him to magic shops to view the latest and greatest tradecraft. Soon, he was giving shows to the whole neighborhood, not to mention birthday parties, and elementary school shows. Brandon Kirk ceased from being just Brandon Kirk , when, at the age of 10, his aunt Rene christened him "The Great Brandini".

  From this point on, Brandon honed his skills as he matured while living in Rockwall, TX....especially at sleight of hand, in which he mastered by his high school years. Brandon graduated from High School in Trophy Club, TX and set off in search of a college degree. A few…well, more than a handful of years later, he obtained his Bachelors Degree (Speech Communications and Psychology) at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, TX. Brandon became somewhat of a fixture on campus, as no college party or pub was safe from his magical antics. His legend continues from those years…but that's another story best left untold.

  Brandon keeps current by maintaining one room of his Plano, TX residence as his Magic Room (see it on this website). In his Magic Room, he develops his new tricks, stays current with the classics, and keeps his prestidigitation and legerdemain skills up to date. For aspiring Magicians, Brandon also gives lessons in sleight of hand and mentalism as well. Brandon plans on entertaining and bringing magic to audiences for many years to come. If your party, organization, event, charity, or private performance needs magical talent, he'd be happy to provide a quote for services and testimonials.

The Magic Room...Artifice : Mysteries, Miracles and Secrets

"A conjurer is not a juggler: he is an actor playing the part of a magician an artist whose fingers have more need to move with deftness than with speed."

Robert-Houdin-Father of Modern Magic


Brandon Kirk is an Expert in the Art of Deception using Magic

Manipulation-Control-Misdirection  Psychologically*Verbally*Physiologically   

Brandon refers to this Practice as his "INVISIBLE Secrets"

Brandon Kirk's favorite style of magic is Extemporaneous-Impromptu, Situational Effects-Tricks

Brandon Kirk's Effects consist of: Mentalism * Mindreading * Clairvoyance * Predictions * ESP * Precognition * Telepathy * Psychokinesis * Penetration * Restorations * Levitations * Vanishes * Productions * Transformation * Transposition *Thought Reading                                                                                                                                            

Brandon Kirk's Performing Style:   Close-up/Sleight-of-Hand * Strolling Magic among guests Stage or Platform * Small Scale Illusions.     ___________________________________

Brandon Kirk does Magic with:  Minds Coins Cards Ropes Silks Balls Cigarettes Bills Rubber bands StringMatches Pens Napkins Rings Dice Numbers Sponges Envelopes Keys Locked Boxes Paper Books Jewelry AND MORE


Brandon Kirk will engage his magic anywhere and everywhere. He can do his magic at a moment's notice with no set up right in front of your eyes. A coin, a cigarette, a napkin, or matches…he'll use it. He can entertain a small or large crowd. His humor and rapport with his audience can be adjusted for young children, or if an adults-only crowd, become a bit more animated and risky. Brandon is also a collector of Magical Apparatus, Books, and Memorabilia on the history of Magic and Illusion. Besides being a collector, he also teaches, invents, and performs magic using various Methods, Principles and Techniques to create a Magical Effect. One question will always surface at any Brandon Kirk performance, as the crowd always asks, "How did you do that?" Brandon Kirk's only reply is, "Very well, thank you."

Brandon's audience has been:

Trade Shows
Special Events
Private Parties
Holiday Parties/Banquets
Government Leaders
Corporate Events
Grand Openings
Sales Meetings
Professional Athletes
Civic Clubs
Organizations and Foundations

A few of the Organizations and Events for which Brandon Kirk has performed:

·  America SAP Users Group (ASUG)

·  Dallas Cowboys

·  FedEx Kinkos

·  Xerox

·  Compuware Corporation

·  N2 Consulting Inc

·  Aurora Partners

·  Segue Software

·  Chromium Corporation

·  Texas Apartment Locators

·  Make a Wish Foundation

·  Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital

·  Westside Homeless Partnership

·  Bedford Heights Elementary

·  International Paper  

·  Pizza Inn

·  Houston Entrepreneurs Group

·  Grapevine Rotary Club

·  Grapevine Public Library

·  Albertsons

·  Tom Thumb

·  Cooper Power Systems

·  Hurst Public Library

·  Richard J. Lee Elementary-Coppell

·  Project Graduation - Nolan High School

·  Highland Park School District

·  Foster Parents Association

·  Womens Business Council

·  Dallas Leadership Council

·  Baylor Medical Center


The Magician always does two things at once.  Performs an effect for the audience and operate a trick for himself.  He is telling one story and thinking another.

                                                                                -Harry Blackstone, 1929